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Topsy Turvy

topsy turvy

The week in summary.  After a disastrous Monday night (fighting four deadlines), things just went on that way…


On the sunny side of your street











Days like these, make me feel like I’ve been made new. Perhaps because I’ve never experienced seasonal changes before, the sudden improvement in the weather seemed like magic. It’s almost as though somewhere in my mind I had expected it to get colder and rainier forever. The sunlight, the colours – it feels like we haven’t seen them in forever. Unable to focus on working this weekend, I took walks, went jogging, and sat in parks reading, eating popsicles (which don’t melt as you eat them, here :o) and soaking in the sun.

5 days in Lisbon


I spent recess week in Lisbon with some friends, gleefully soaking in the sunshine which I haven’t seen in so very long. It was really lovely, and we saw something new every day. Somehow the sun and the streets and the rooftops felt rather familiar, and the place felt a lot like home.

Day 1: Belém

Visited an old monastery and a tower by the water, with sunlight spilling into windows and illuminating the edges of white stone carvings.


Day 2: Alfama

Got lost in winding alleys that intertwine across hills that overlook the sea. A tram line runs through the city, with its overhead cables cutting the sky into fragments of light.


Day 3: Cascais

Took a train to a picture perfect beach. Took off our coats and dipped our feet in the icy water, enjoying the sun on our backs and cola gummies in our mouths.


Day 4: Sintra

A magical forest that felt rather like the sort of highlands you’d find in Malaysia – mild and misty.


Day 5: Shopping and Eating

Okay that’s a lie. We ate well every day. Actually, it seemed like the day’s schedules were built around visits to cafes and pastry shops. Portuguese pastries are lovely. They tend to contain custard, and have a pleasantly mild sweetness to them, which again reminded me of Asian desserts.



“Even while I’m lost, I go on a journey to find you” 

~ Kyoukai no Kanata

there and back again

“Our secrets will be our courage when we need it” 

– Fugitive Pieces,  Anne Michaels

I spent the weekend away with two old friends in Oxford. It was so surreal to be with their enigmatic minds again, to listen to them chide and talk and sing, and to be in Oxford, which often feels like a castle with a garden that has been left to grow in secret for generations.


I went there in a terrible state of mind. Completely frazzled and unfocused. The weekend was so healing, despite the fact that I was huddling in a corner in silence most of the time. Strong magic happens when old friends cross paths again, and the gentle rhythm and charm of a town causes hearts to open.


In quiet, everything is known. The world is known in whispers. Comfort comes in whispers. Secrets come in whispers. Worry comes in whispers. Truth comes in whispers. And tonight, back at my desk but no longer sure where I am or what I am, my heart is full of them. Tomorrow I will wake up, and life will be normal again.


Good night. 

these wandering streets


Cupid, who has often marked the meeting point for me and my friends, has now been put in a giant snow globe.




Christmas on the shelves


Way to the sky


Inside John Lewis


A glittery sunset

well..Photos shamelessly filtered.

My friends and I sometimes go on impromptu walks after school, to run errands together and/or explore. It’s something I didn’t get to do much back at home.

On Friday, we walked from school to Piccadily circus to Regent street to Oxford street to Tottenham Court Road – which is pretty much all the major shopping areas we frequent. We went to the Japanese supermarket, to a camera shop to confirm that my digicam is out of hope, to John Lewis to use a cake+coffee coupon, to a video shop to pick up some DVDs for my mum, to several supermarkets because my friend loves shopping for yogurt, and finally, to the fruit stand to buy berries on the way back. On the way, we talked, took photos and bumped into people we knew.

So went my Friday afternoon, enjoying time out before going home to my essay and messy room.

Have a good day everyone! (:

A very bunny room tour


Hello! I’m Bun and this is me with Lila and Nanou sitting on our bed.


This is our room!


We don’t have a toilet but we have a very useful sink.


We have a nice long desk with a nice long pin board and a nice long shelf above it


We keep our cooking stuff in this one


Cherry the cat sits with our books in the next.


Lila recently neatened up the last one, which contains miscellaneous items like our instant noodle pot.


Opposite the desk is our big pin board. It’s an ever expanding eclectic mix of things including a map of Hastings Stade, pictures of honey bees, pictures of molecules, a Norwegian forest cat, church brochures and a mental health postcard.


This is our messy drawer. Contains everything from gigantic hair ribbons to chest x-rays.


And of course our food stash.


It was getting really messy, so Lila came and neatened it up.


This is our cupboard. I’m sitting on fuzzy ladybug pajamas.


No one’s really sure what’s up there, though I have a feeling we stashed something there before. Hm.


We store food on this windowsill when its cold.

We do love our place. It’s spacious but cozy, neat and comfy, warm and safe, and all ours.

See you soon!

❤ Bun