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7 Mental Health Resolutions for 2015

A little late, but yes, taking better care of yourself is a definitely a good thing to do this year.


When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, our self-improvement efforts often focus on getting a better body. And we ignore that other, equally important part of our wellbeing: our mental health.

Certain health hazards come with warnings, like cigarettes or alcohol, but less obvious ones, like loneliness and rejection, can take just as great toll, says psychologist Guy Winch, author of Emotional First Aid: Healing Rejection, Guilt, Failure and Other Everyday Hurts. Research shows social isolation is linked to shorter lifespans, yet we often ignore our emotional hygiene. “If our dental hygiene were as poor as our emotional hygiene, we’d be all gums and no teeth,” says Winch.

This year, prioritize your mind as well as your body, and make a resolution for better mental health. Here are some of Winch’s tips for prioritizing your emotional hygiene in the new year (and all year long).

1. Pay attention to emotional…

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A bit of 40mp music to start the morning

40mp is a vocaloid producer universally loved by vocaloid fans for his catchy, heart-warming songs. This one I am listening to this morning over coffee. “Right now I am singing to the sky, thank you for always being by my side”

A few years ago he married the singer Chano, who has a lovely tender voice – this song, “Avenue”, is heartwarmingly sweet. And incidentally, 40mp actually means “40 meter path”.

Soon after their marriage, they had a baby boy, and 40mp made this adorable children’s song. 40mp fans will appreciate all the references to his previous songs – those about happy things, and about sad things. The message being – life can be sad sometimes, but lets hold hands and smile together.

My favourite 40mp song has to be this one – “Haru ni ichiban chikai machi” or A Town Nearing Spring, and this version by Chano, from their album Caramel, is lovely.

“As I was wrapped up by the soft wind

I counted all my goodbyes

Reaching out my hands to the faraway sky

In the spring sunlight, a tiny flower bloomed

And soon in your town too

A pretty little flower will bloom”

Have a good weekend everyone (:

✽゜*Look up *゜✽

No one can predict the future

On my first spring break, I

1. Chilled in the park often  PicMonkey Collage

2. Combed the supermarkets in the area for limited edition Kinder Surprise eggs

3. Took full advantage of the 2 for 1 offer at the newly opened bubble tea store near our hall

4. Queued for Ben and Jerry’s ice cream  twice on free cone day (which barely took 10 minutes each time)

5. Feel in love with pastel colours, floral patterns and jelly sandals (i.e. shopped a lot)


IMG_2239It’s been so difficult keeping indoors when the weather is so lovely outside. With about a week down to our exams, it’s about time to hit the books. The weather has turned slightly rainy, as if to encourage us to stay in. But even the rain doesn’t feel too miserable now. It kinda feels like, it’s time to move forward into the future, and not give up(´ω`*)Nobody can predict what might lie around the corner after all. 

✽゜* Plant your dreams in hope, not fear 

And water each day with love, not tears *゜✽


Supermarket Favourites ☆彡


Kent and Fraser Lemon Butter Shortbread cookies*. The first time I ate these was the night before I returned home for Christmas. Now their flavour reminds me very much of the chaos and ecstasy that came with pre-christmas shopping and packing.


Seed & Bean Lavender Extra Dark Chocolate*. Because every now and then I enjoy something bitter. And the lavender adds some well-needed complexity to it.


The Collective yogurt* – comes in flavours like Russian Fudge, Apple and Spice, White peach & Raspberry and others. I was really skeptical about how those things would taste like in yogurt, but it was surprisingly good. It’s a cup of  melt-in-your-mouth, creamy plain yogurt with a dollop of tasty flavour at the bottom. Fun to mix and lovely to eat.


Forest Feast dried mango*. Not exactly something I can’t find at home. But it’s chewy and fresh with that fine layer of powdered sugar on top and makes for an terribly addictive snack.


Greek Honey from Oliveology at Borough Market. I love a raw, rich, thick honey. So this is lovely. Plus, the store owners at Borough are always really friendly (:


Milk. Strawberry Milk, Banana Millk, quite Essential Waitrose Milk.


Fair trade bananas. This is a staple.

*Great taste award winners

Edit: I initially saved this post as a draft and am publishing it now more than a year later. I don’t know why I sound so much like a TV advert in this post, it’s making me feel really amused and slightly embarrassed. But it seems sacrilegious to edit it simply to save my own face, and also because I’m struck by the fact that there’s a degree of innocence here that I no longer have, I’m leaving the post as it is 😉

Random Blips and Banana Milk.

I often feel like I’m running on an energy deficit. Uplifted from a comfortable heat and thrown into a frigid winter, I just want to curl up like a hamster under my fluffy duvet and listen to the rain fall.

Various impressions and the occasional notion of responsibility appear like blips in a fog that is my mind; ripples on a digital screen. Before my return to London I stared at my suitcase and asked my brain what I needed. No answer. In the end, I returned to London leaving behind my student pass, railcard, student discount card, camera charger and phone charger. Jetlagged, I texted friends (bless them) at 4am in the morning despairing over how lost I am these days.  

Everything moves slowly. And I resist moving more than slowly.

Yet, I’m still itching for something or someone to shatter my energy conservation policy (to borrow a line from Hyouka). A whole year has passed since I graduated from school, and it feels like daily life will never regain that rhythm and colour it had before. I try to hide it because it seems so ungrateful a sentiment but in truth, I am highly uninspired. Is life overrated, or am I wrong somewhere?

Pondering, dreamily, lazily, with essential waitrose banana milk on a cloudy Wednesday afternoon.


We are back!



Looking for sunshine.

“Sometimes things don’t go, after all,

from bad to worse. Some years, muscadel

faces down frost; green thrives; the crops don’t fail,

sometimes a man aims high, and all goes well.”

~SometimesSheenagh Pugh

My head’s been swimming recently. Feels like a lot of difficult decisions and complicated things have come together all at once. It ought to be straightforward, but I find myself paralyzed, as people often do when they most need to move forward.

But it’s not been too bad. There have been interesting things. As part of my adventures as a lab rat for the psychology department, I received a book voucher for doing well on a memory task. And on another occasion, I bought myself a lot of kit-kats after being systematically conditioned to favour unhealthy food over healthy food.

I managed to finish a piece of pair work with a friend on a high note, after a lot of agonizing over details I thought was sure to damage our relationship for good. And I had a heart-to-heart talk with another friend that helped us to see life through each other’s (very different) eyes. Each in their own way both of them told me, to do as my heart leads and let nothing hinder me.

Life rolls on, and I continue, as brave as I am scared. Though I may not be much of a christian, I still believe that all will be well in the end.

So ends my attempt at writing some kind of concrete update about my life. If you happen to be reading this, then hope you have a good day, and for my friends having exams, all the best! (:

A very bunny room tour


Hello! I’m Bun and this is me with Lila and Nanou sitting on our bed.


This is our room!


We don’t have a toilet but we have a very useful sink.


We have a nice long desk with a nice long pin board and a nice long shelf above it


We keep our cooking stuff in this one


Cherry the cat sits with our books in the next.


Lila recently neatened up the last one, which contains miscellaneous items like our instant noodle pot.


Opposite the desk is our big pin board. It’s an ever expanding eclectic mix of things including a map of Hastings Stade, pictures of honey bees, pictures of molecules, a Norwegian forest cat, church brochures and a mental health postcard.


This is our messy drawer. Contains everything from gigantic hair ribbons to chest x-rays.


And of course our food stash.


It was getting really messy, so Lila came and neatened it up.


This is our cupboard. I’m sitting on fuzzy ladybug pajamas.


No one’s really sure what’s up there, though I have a feeling we stashed something there before. Hm.


We store food on this windowsill when its cold.

We do love our place. It’s spacious but cozy, neat and comfy, warm and safe, and all ours.

See you soon!

❤ Bun