All we are


There above the river

I asked you to sing me a song

The one with all the names

That I see constellating in your eyes

Your voice caresses the gray air

As you begin your way through your ancestry:

And all their losses, lovers and gods

A shadow watches from inside your eyes

It’s learning the sound of my presence

Is that the shadow of the past?

Your script runs over my shoulders

Slow time pulling a garment

Over my bare skin

Perhaps our bodies will remember for us

All that is steadily

receding from memory

Ice-cream drips on your fingers

And the sunlight

Slowly begins to slice us both open

The future is calling to us softly

I know you hear it

When your words stop

and you turn your face, pale

with glistening eyes

to the sky. You turn to me and nod

And say,

All we really need is time


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