The Cats of Ikebukuro






A sunny morning in late autumn in Tokyo, we headed down to Ikebukuro to visit the big complex of Sunshine City. While we were there, we visited the Pokemon Centre and the aquarium, and unexpectedly wandered into a lovely little park filled with fuzzy Japanese cats.



8 thoughts on “The Cats of Ikebukuro

      1. I went to this little cat park a few times. The first time was a coincidence, but I felt in love.
        The last time I came by (I think July 2014), there were 3 little kitties. So cute ♡

      2. It’s really special. In the park are always cats, who come to you to play and cuddling,. They are so nice.
        I’m looking forward to meet them again, when I going back to Japan next month (´▽`)

    1. Oh the cats you met look so sweet~ Actually these cats were pretty shy too, they just seemed to have a few people they liked and kept skirting away from the rest of us. They were really cute to watch though, nonetheless ^^

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