But I say what comes to me from my inner thoughts…

“But I say what comes to me

From my inner thoughts

Denying my eyes.

I begin to compose something

In a single phrase

With many meanings,

Standing in illusion,

So that when I go towards it

I go blindly,

As if I am pursuing the beauty of something

Before me but unclear”

– Abu Nuwas


Beginning a difficult conversation, you wonder: How does one begin to talk about the deep things of the soul, the life within your life? You deny your eyes and begin again to compose – construct words, prepare for wordlessness. In the end whenever we begin moving we go blindly. You feel stupid, like you’re throwing away everything that is familiar and you don’t know who or what this is about anymore.  But go on, because something has become important. You may not know all the words, but your heart will tell you what to do. And you will be well. That is what matters.


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