A bit of 40mp music to start the morning

40mp is a vocaloid producer universally loved by vocaloid fans for his catchy, heart-warming songs. This one I am listening to this morning over coffee. “Right now I am singing to the sky, thank you for always being by my side”

A few years ago he married the singer Chano, who has a lovely tender voice – this song, “Avenue”, is heartwarmingly sweet. And incidentally, 40mp actually means “40 meter path”.

Soon after their marriage, they had a baby boy, and 40mp made this adorable children’s song. 40mp fans will appreciate all the references to his previous songs – those about happy things, and about sad things. The message being – life can be sad sometimes, but lets hold hands and smile together.

My favourite 40mp song has to be this one – “Haru ni ichiban chikai machi” or A Town Nearing Spring, and this version by Chano, from their album Caramel, is lovely.

“As I was wrapped up by the soft wind

I counted all my goodbyes

Reaching out my hands to the faraway sky

In the spring sunlight, a tiny flower bloomed

And soon in your town too

A pretty little flower will bloom”

Have a good weekend everyone (:


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