To Home Via Singapore Day: London 2014








Last Saturday was Singapore Day, the annual reunion for overseas Singaporeans. SG Day goes to a different city every year, and we were lucky to have it here in London this year.

If there’s such a thing as a perfect day, this might have been it. Though the preceeding days had been chilly, on Saturday the weather was perfect. The food was amazing, and it was real comforting to share the day with all the people who I love in this city, whether I knew them from home or from here. Our phone services immediately failed us when we stepped into the venue because of the sheer number of people there, but that couldn’t ruin our mood. It was rather fun, in fact, to wander around with different groups of people through the day, listening to nostalgic national day songs as groups fluidly split and reunited – everyone’s a friend. Even the Prime Minister, who was very busy taking selfies with eager Singaporeans.

I actually felt rather touched that the government would go to so far – bringing over all the crew and the artistes and hawkers and sponsoring the food and freebies and other little gifts just to make us happy, and organizing it all so well! We were all very impressed, and I felt like a well-loved kid.

There are times when Singapore feels like a past life, an alternate reality. As time passes, the hold your memories and connections have on you start to fade away. Familiarity is overrated, and you start to feel like actually, it’s not inconceivable to that you would settle down in a foreign place. I’m struck by how easy it is to forget, that there actually exists a place you know and cherish, how easy it is to grow accustomed to wandering.

And on heartwarming days like this, you remember. And it’s humbling, to realize, that though I usually don’t feel like I need it to get by, I might actually need home a lot more than I think.


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