Supermarket Favourites ☆彡


Kent and Fraser Lemon Butter Shortbread cookies*. The first time I ate these was the night before I returned home for Christmas. Now their flavour reminds me very much of the chaos and ecstasy that came with pre-christmas shopping and packing.


Seed & Bean Lavender Extra Dark Chocolate*. Because every now and then I enjoy something bitter. And the lavender adds some well-needed complexity to it.


The Collective yogurt* – comes in flavours like Russian Fudge, Apple and Spice, White peach & Raspberry and others. I was really skeptical about how those things would taste like in yogurt, but it was surprisingly good. It’s a cup of  melt-in-your-mouth, creamy plain yogurt with a dollop of tasty flavour at the bottom. Fun to mix and lovely to eat.


Forest Feast dried mango*. Not exactly something I can’t find at home. But it’s chewy and fresh with that fine layer of powdered sugar on top and makes for an terribly addictive snack.


Greek Honey from Oliveology at Borough Market. I love a raw, rich, thick honey. So this is lovely. Plus, the store owners at Borough are always really friendly (:


Milk. Strawberry Milk, Banana Millk, quite Essential Waitrose Milk.


Fair trade bananas. This is a staple.

*Great taste award winners

Edit: I initially saved this post as a draft and am publishing it now more than a year later. I don’t know why I sound so much like a TV advert in this post, it’s making me feel really amused and slightly embarrassed. But it seems sacrilegious to edit it simply to save my own face, and also because I’m struck by the fact that there’s a degree of innocence here that I no longer have, I’m leaving the post as it is 😉


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