Snapshots from Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined


1. Our names, tangled in colour


2. A woven space, a safe space.


3. “How light reflects and how light is contained is the stuff of architecture”

SAM_13104. The place where we began, will we find it?


5. “…the proportions of the rooms, their sequence, the way they open – simple things, but which taken together suggest something more complex”


 Visiting the Sensing Spaces exhibit at the Royal Academy today, I rather felt like I was in a gigantic playground. In that childlike state of mind, it was easier to understand what it meant to engage with the spaces – to take in their colours, shapes, masses, proportions and lighting and see how they made me feel.

 I thought I would try to give snapshots of what was meaningful to me in the spaces, rather than capture and upload the entire exhibit. (To see anything in a photo before experiencing it yourself rather spoils the magic, so I think.)


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