5 days in Lisbon


I spent recess week in Lisbon with some friends, gleefully soaking in the sunshine which I haven’t seen in so very long. It was really lovely, and we saw something new every day. Somehow the sun and the streets and the rooftops felt rather familiar, and the place felt a lot like home.

Day 1: Belém

Visited an old monastery and a tower by the water, with sunlight spilling into windows and illuminating the edges of white stone carvings.


Day 2: Alfama

Got lost in winding alleys that intertwine across hills that overlook the sea. A tram line runs through the city, with its overhead cables cutting the sky into fragments of light.


Day 3: Cascais

Took a train to a picture perfect beach. Took off our coats and dipped our feet in the icy water, enjoying the sun on our backs and cola gummies in our mouths.


Day 4: Sintra

A magical forest that felt rather like the sort of highlands you’d find in Malaysia – mild and misty.


Day 5: Shopping and Eating

Okay that’s a lie. We ate well every day. Actually, it seemed like the day’s schedules were built around visits to cafes and pastry shops. Portuguese pastries are lovely. They tend to contain custard, and have a pleasantly mild sweetness to them, which again reminded me of Asian desserts.



“Even while I’m lost, I go on a journey to find you” 

~ Kyoukai no Kanata


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