Time travel with Bun.


And I’m homebound for Christmas. This last week passed so quickly, yet so many moments were jammed into it. In between Christmas meals and Christmas outings we made rushed trips to supermarkets and down Oxford street to gather together all the 1823624 items on our shopping lists, and played tetris trying to fit all the boxes and tins into our luggage.

the rush

Mess and stress


Bye girls. Be good. And fight the dustbunnies! 

Thanks to the help of a lot of kind strangers, I managed to navigate my tumbling 31kg monster of a luggage through the Saturday crowds on the tube and survived a service disruption. Except, I dropped my luggage on my toe. Once.



At Heathrow, we took selfies and exchanged well wishes over facebook and whatsapp. Some were spoken, some unspoken. Have a good Christmas. Rest well. Don’t forget to come back. We still have a long way to go together. 

the blur

Snapshots of December

I’ll miss everyone. It’s been a crazy December in London, but I’ve had so many lovely moments.


Waiting for our monster of a luggage to emerge 

The 12 hours in the plane passed smoothly, and we were home.

I feel like I’ve come through a time machine. An apprehensive time traveler. Everything is familiar, yet as I walk through my house and my city, it feels as though I’m watching through a glass wall as a past version of myself sees and feels. The black and white stage of memory.

luckystar_op001_resizeAlso, my parents bought a new camera. So this will (hopefully) be the last time you see such bad pictures. But to be fair, my iphone has tried very hard over these past few weeks, bearing with all my verbal abuse and all my poking and jabbing at its old screen. Good job, old friend.


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