Back on the ice in London



I went skating again today. This time at the Tower of London. The rinks that pop up during Christmas in London are beautiful, albeit small. Though I skate like a monkey, I do like the feeling – the feeling of shaving ice under my feet, of gliding across the rink’s smooth central ellipse, and of twisting and slipping on a near frictionless surface.



I may not be a big fan of Christmas, but I can certainly love this. The motion of skating also really makes me want to be skiing again. To be up in the mountains, traversing down a bumpy slope, digging my ski tips into fresh powder, speeding down an empty run, feeling the cold on my cheeks as I ride up a lift to do it all over again. White memories.

Note to self: Go for a ski trip next Christmas. 



After a day of shopping, eating and skating, my friend and I settled at Fortnum & Mason at the station – High tea for dinner. We ate, surrounded by pastel coloured jars and tins of scrumptious things. The hands of a golden clock glided smoothly across its face above us, and the faint sound of piano music drifted in through the brick arch entrance, while commuters rushed about with their luggage outside.




For dinner: Cake. Victoria sponge probably is to the English what Strawberry Shortcake is to the Japanese – deliciously soft and sweet, sold everywhere from supermarkets to posh tea rooms, a classic component of afternoon tea, and always served with cream on top.

All in all, it was a lovely spontaneous day out with a dearly spontaneous friend. Never thought I’d say this, but I’ll kinda miss London when I go home.

Happy holidays everyone! Hope you’ve taken some time to do something you love and eat food that makes you happy too (;


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