That sleepy December morning

pretty tree

The Christmas Tree at Hyde Park

Without me even realizing it, December the 1st came – a Sunday. I can imagine children were excitedly striking off the first day on the advent calender, while I awoke sleepily at 11am in my friend’s apartment, hazy from the previous night’s chat time, and emerged to the living room where my two friends were quietly doing their schoolwork.

In a sort of quiet desperation for a change of mood, I had pulled an all-nighter on Friday, working until 5am to finish a report (caffeine works wonders if you only take it when you really need it), so that I could escape my room for my friend’s place.



We walked around Oxford street and Chinatown and the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, ate Asian food and spent the evening talking away. “気が合う” (ki ga au) – spirits in cohesion, is the Japanese term for “getting along”. Such a delicately layered expression.

Silently, slowly, December crept in and settled itself amongst us. Though we’d been anticipating it, we weren’t expecting it. And it was only on Monday morning that I, back at my desk in a daze after passing through that blur of excitement and confusion that is weekends, realised it in my heart – December is here.  

“Time is a blind guide”

– Fugitive Pieces, Anne Michaels


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