these wandering streets


Cupid, who has often marked the meeting point for me and my friends, has now been put in a giant snow globe.




Christmas on the shelves


Way to the sky


Inside John Lewis


A glittery sunset

well..Photos shamelessly filtered.

My friends and I sometimes go on impromptu walks after school, to run errands together and/or explore. It’s something I didn’t get to do much back at home.

On Friday, we walked from school to Piccadily circus to Regent street to Oxford street to Tottenham Court Road – which is pretty much all the major shopping areas we frequent. We went to the Japanese supermarket, to a camera shop to confirm that my digicam is out of hope, to John Lewis to use a cake+coffee coupon, to a video shop to pick up some DVDs for my mum, to several supermarkets because my friend loves shopping for yogurt, and finally, to the fruit stand to buy berries on the way back. On the way, we talked, took photos and bumped into people we knew.

So went my Friday afternoon, enjoying time out before going home to my essay and messy room.

Have a good day everyone! (:


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