Sunday by the river.


The view walking across the bridge to Southbank

To the Christmas market!

IMG_2750I ❤ anything doughy

IMG_2719Hot mulled cider

IMG_2727Stopped by the poetry library to rest

IMG_2760And ended the day at a book fair under the bridge.

zetsubouHalfway through the day my camera died from a lens error and now the only camera I have is my phone. The way it malfunctioned was as though it had a heart attack.


Ah well. Happily, last week we completed our first lab report and our first test. And on Sunday, my friend proposed visiting the Christmas market at Southbank. We ate a lot of good food including korean rice, crepes, chimney cake, Chinese style grilled fish and warm cider. And for once we were glad for the early setting sun, because without it we wouldn’t have been able to see all the lights, and so very pretty they were.

Have a good day everyone~ :3


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