We stood and watched


We stood and watched the city lights

Diamond giants in a starless sky

Pulsing razor fluorescent streaks

Swirled the shadows at our feet

In the tingling, slipping rain

Hazy, we listened to the waterscape

And felt sweet sighs of phantom stars

Breathe a promise in the deep of our hearts

Should we board the evening ship and drift away

They would guide us to world’s end, where the crystal ocean sways

And when we awake, the planets will there remain

Singing a song, the celestial refrain

That had been flowing through the heavens all along

Even after the last listening ears were gone

I felt we lost ourselves that night

As we stood and watched the city lights

“What is a friend? Someone who for the first time makes you aware of your loneliness and his, and helps you to escape so you in turn can help him. Thanks to him you can hold your tongue without shame and talk freely without risk. That’s it.” – Elie Wiesel


Side notes:


More AA-BB rhyming!

Clumsy poetry aside, I kinda miss bright city streets and high rise buildings. Especially now that the sun sets at 4pm in London.

I often have images of the bright, busy, tree-lined and often rainy streets of Singapore. And I look back wistfully to the time before school started and the memories I collected, talking endlessly and walking aimlessly with friends and family along them.

It’s so silly really, how much of my mental life is lived in retrospect and anticipation. But it does make the times when I am actually able to return to the present moment so much more special.


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