Of city walls and ladybugs


Hundreds of years ago, soldiers patrolled these walls. Today, curious tourists and many-spotted ladybugs are the ones who creep along what remains of the city’s defenses.


Ladybugs were resting all along this particular stretch of railing – many-spotted and two-spotted; red, yellow and black. I wonder if they have been here all along, from the time of the Romans to the Vikings to the medieval kings to today. Perhaps they have been in hiding, and emerged only after the storms of history had passed.


King George VI said that the history of York is the history of England. It’s strange now, to stand on rebuilt fragments of this old fortification, watching insects sunbathe and leaves creep along the walls, and think of how far we are from the ages past.

PicMonkey Collage

It was cold in York. I wore a white cotton gloves and a jacket that made me round as a snowball. I stayed in a lovely hostel with my friends, who were so kind as to allow me to come along with them. In the morning we opened the window to red rooftops and the frosty air. In the day we explored little shop houses, grand churches and ancient relics. At night we made hot chocolate, and I huddled by the heater with a book, letting my mind wander while I remained in the comfort of my company. 


I did a lot of eating on this trip. It was one of those weeks where my sweet cravings were at an all time high. I went there with a slight sore throat. I came back coughing so badly it made my head hurt.


I decided I should refrain from foods that would aggravate my throat for the next few days. But then, I went to the Japanese supermarket, and they have really nice spicy rice bowls there, so I had to get one for lunch. And with a good lunch one must always have something sweet for dessert. Just a little bit can’t hurt, right?


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