A brief London food log

Because food is good ūüėČ


Bought doughnut balls with some friends at school during induction week. Sweet treats always make my day complete.


IMG_2081The day before my birthday, my newly made friends from my course took me for frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt was something I did on birthdays with my friends back in school in Singapore too, so it was real comforting (:


IMG_2168From Borough Market near London Bridge.I haven’t had honey with honeycomb in a long time, so that was a real treat. Ate it right out of the jar ūüėČ Also, I received a birthday brownie ^^



Really good food from the London Japan festival on my birthday with some newly made friends.

Green tea ice cream ‚̧ I had this at a Japanese restaurant called Defune, with my aunt who was here from Singapore on a business trip.



Japanese food is¬†universally¬†appreciated, but there’s something about your own cuisine that just hits the spot. And there is plenty of good Chinese food in London, if you know how to find it. All you need is good company to fill the space around the table. This was from a dinner with my Singaporean orientation group.



I love pancakes ‚̧ So it was delightful to have gigantic Dutch pancakes with my Singaporean course mates one Monday evening.


IMG_2326“I could never get the hang of Thursdays”, said Arthur Dent. Neither can I, when we have lessons from 9-5 with sporadic one hours breaks in between. But the good thing is that Thursday is farmer’s market day, which means paella and brownies for lunch, and impossibly sweet raspberries to take home for the weekend.


IMG_2426On a Saturday evening, an impromptu walk turned into impromptu grocery shopping and then an impromptu Korean dinner.



On a sunny¬†Friday afternoon, a happy little group of us went to a bakery caf√© after school. Most lovely scones I’ve ever had.



I go rock climbing about once a week, and this day we finished rather late. I was pretty tired, but cheered up when my Malaysian climbing partner suggested going out for Singaporean/Malaysian food. You don’t realise how much you miss food from home until you taste it. In our ecstasy, we both agreed it was the best moment of our lives.


IMG_2502Back to the same ramen bar twice in a day, because we had expiring coupons. It was well worth it though.



On a very blustery day, I went for crepes with a sweet familiar friend ‚̧



Yummy yummy bento at Eat Tokyo near my place.I finished the whole thing.

And yes, I eat a lot.


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