After school with the bumblebees


After school I ended up at the park with a friend, and while she sat on a bench with her computer typing away I watched the bumblebees. There were a ton of bees, but only two of the bumbling sort. I oscillated between wonder and disgust, leaning over the bench into the bush and then flinching back again. I try hard to appreciate insects really, but maybe there’s still too much girl in me, and something about them – that alive yet machine-like quality, that evokes a particular queasiness in me.

But nevertheless I watched and watched. They hovered, and landed, and got busy with the flowers, and then lifted off again. We got some respite from the rain today. We shared some grapes and discussed the safety of eating fruit unwashed. The leaves of the oak trees hung silently in the setting sun, dogs and children romped, a little pink mitten was stuck on top of the iron gate, and the air was cool and still. 

We’re bracing ourselves for colder days, but for now, in the last light of a fleeting summer, life goes on, at least on the bee’s scale.


(I’ll look out for them a bit more, and maybe someday I’ll touch one)


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