My day in (mostly microwaved) food.


*Disclaimer: While all effort has been put in to make the results as accurate as possible, the values shown on the pie chart are derived from a fallible memory and decidedly flawed statistical methods. Readers are advised to avoid treating it too seriously.


I can’t quite recall how many people said to me last week, “Enjoy the weather, it’s only going to get worse”. But it appears they were right. On Sunday, temperatures dropped.

The cold sneaks under my duvet and wakes me up much earlier than I would like. Each time it does I bundle up, snooze, and as a consequence of broken sleep wake up much later and more tired than what is ideal. Needless to say, I miss my catered breakfast pretty often.

No matter, since I have a stash of instant noodles for bad days. I actually managed to cook them in the rice cooker. Who knew it was possible?

photo (14)

The only other cooking too I have is the microwave. On days when I’m sick of instant noodles, I buy ready-made meals from Tesco and heat them up. It’s never quite very appetizing. And I soon go back to noodles again.


Either biscuits or a quick meal at the school cafe (quick indeed, since it is usually microwaved) usually suffice.


After it got cold, I put off my plans for spending more time at the park and retreated indoors where I sit in bed wearing a fleecy leopard suit reading a book or watching TV shows online.

Good stories and good food go hand in hand for me, and hence I have been eating an alarming number of biscuits.

photo (17)

The third pack in one week


Our hall food really isn’t half bad, but I drown my food in Tabasco because it’s the closest thing you can get to spicy here. But it still can’t quite give me that endorphin rush I get from fresh chili peppers in Singapore, which I so miss.


Often consists of super fruit and super-natural smoothies, and not-so-super-spicy Japanese spices.

photo (16)

So that’s been my rather unhealthy student diet this week. To put at rest the minds of anyone who’s beginning to worry, I resolve to do my best to turn up for catered meals, and eat less microwaved food (it doesn’t taste that great anyway).*

*I realise this post sounds a tad bit whiny. I’ve actually had pretty good things to eat too, but I’ll save that for another post 😉


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