A Bunny in England

Hello, I’m Bun. This is me with Nanou. Nanou has a lot of hair, and is always smiling.


We arrived in this city about a week ago. Since then, we’ve been living in a tiny apartment beside a Scandinavian cafe. Like most of the cafes here, it has a blackboard outside. English blackboards have a lot of character.

photophoto (1)photo (2)

It’s daytime here when night falls back at home. And while me and Nanou can rest in bed all day, our family has been pretty busy running errands. So our big sister has been walking around with a dazed look in her eyes.

It’s also really cold and it rains a lot, which is why big sister wears 3 layers of clothes every day, and coughs a lot.

Well, now that I think about it, the coughing is probably because of cafe breakfasts and cream teas.


She doesn’t like shopping much, but gets dragged along by mummy anyway.

But she likes plays and musicals, and managed to watch two.

For the most part, she enjoys sweets, tea and a good book.


To get away from the chaos of the city, we decided to go to Hastings for a short trip.


It’s really pretty here


We went up a hill


And walked along a shingle shore


I think big sister looks less dazed now. She looks happy when the wind blows and wears less layers, and doesn’t cough so much (though she still sounds froggy). 

photo (2)

Photo courtesy of mummy

And soon, school will start.

Stay tuned! 

❤ Bun


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