When packing…

photo (51)

I wonder why things disappear the moment you need them.photo-9

I agonize over what is necessary and what is not


I constantly feel that the amount of Japanese stationary I’ve bought is not enough.


I remember someone telling me the important things to pack are the unimportant things. Like your favourite snacks. And your toys. But every time I see how the space in my suitcase is depleting I crumble a little inside.

photo (40)

And I have panic attacks when I realise there’s still more to be put in. Even if its just a bunch of hairpins.

Iphoto (37)

Or medicine.

In helplessness I yield to fate and decide that if some item does not appear in time to be squashed into my suitcase, it that it simply was not meant to be.

After all, the truth is there’s plenty of stuff in the suitcase I can live without.

And learning to live without

Is probably part of what going overseas is all about.

(Rhyme unintended)


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